This topic describes how to configure a cleaning threshold in the Anti-DDoS Basic console.

Background information

Anti-DDoS Basic is applied to protect Alibaba Cloud assets by default. The service is provided free of charge after each asset is activated. The assets include Elastic Compute Service, Server Load Balancer, and Elastic IP Address instances. The maximum throughput of DDoS attacks that an asset encounters may exceed the specified cleaning threshold. In such cases, Anit-DDoS cleans attack traffic and performs other counter measures to ensure business continuity.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Basic console.
  2. On the top of the Assets page, select a region.
  3. Select the ECS, SLB, EIP (including NAT), or Others tab based on the type of cloud service for which you want to configure a cleaning threshold.
  4. In a list of instances, find the target instance and click the IP address of the instance.
    If excessive instances exist, we recommend that you search for the target instance by using the instance ID, instance name, or instance IP as the search condition.Assets
  5. In the Instances Details dialog box, click Cleaning Settings.Instance details
  6. In the Cleaning Settings dialog box, select Default or Manual Setting in the Cleaning Threshold field.
    • Default: Anti-DDoS Basic dynamically adjusts the cleaning threshold based on the traffic load of an asset.
    • Manual setting: You can select a specific threshold that includes two values. One indicates the minimum throughput and the other indicates the mininum packets per second (PPS).
    • Configure a cleaning threshold of which the value is slightly greater than the maximum bandwidth for actual incoming requests. If the specified value of a threshold is greater than expected, the effect of protection is compromised. If the specified value of a threshold is less than expected, legitimate access may be affected when traffic cleaning is triggered.
    • If legitimate access is affected, we recommend that you increase the value of the cleaning threshold.
    • During large promotions or activities for a website, we recommend that you increase the specified value of a cleaning threshold.
    Configure a cleaning threshold


The cleaning threshold is configured. When the maximum throughput of incoming requests that a website can serve reaches the specified cleaning threshold, Anti-DDoS Basic launches traffic cleaning.