ApsaraDB PolarDB PostgreSQL-compatible edition provides the cross-node parallel execution feature. If this feature is enabled, an SQL query can be run on multiple compute nodes in a distributed manner. This improves the query performance of ApsaraDB PolarDB PostgreSQL-compatible edition, increases the I/O throughput of Polar File System (PolarFS) and the CPU utilization of the compute nodes, and improves the memory usage of the compute nodes.

The cross-node parallel execution feature provides the following benefits:

  • Some hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP) capabilities:
    • Analytical queries on transaction processing (TP) data can be run in real time.
    • The read-only nodes in which analytical queries are run are physically isolated from the read-only nodes in which transactional queries are run. This eliminates the impact on TP services.
  • Elastic scaling enabled by the compute-storage separation architecture of ApsaraDB PolarDB PostgreSQL-compatible edition:
    • Read-only nodes can be added on demand to increase computing resources. The added nodes are automatically included in the list of read-only nodes in which parallel execution is performed in a distributed manner, without the need for resharding.
    • No data skew occurs.

For more information about cross-node parallel execution, see Cross-node parallel execution.