This topic describes the configurations of E-MapReduce (EMR) cluster ports.

Hadoop HDFS

Service Port number Parameter
NameNode 9000 fs.defaultFS or
Note The parameter has expired but can still be used.
50070 dfs.namenode.http-address or dfs.http.address
Note The dfs.http.address parameter has expired but can still be used.

Hadoop YARN (MRv2)

Service Port number Parameter
JobHistory Server 10020 mapreduce.jobhistory.address
JobHistory Server 19888 mapreduce.jobhistory.webapp.address
ResourceManager 8025 yarn.resourcemanager.resource-tracker.address
ResourceManager 8032 yarn.resourcemanager.address
ResourceManager 8030 yarn.resourcemanager.scheduler.address
ResourceManager 8088 yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.address

Hadoop MapReduce (MRv1)

Service Port number Parameter
JobTracker 8021 mapreduce.jobtracker.address

Hadoop HBase

Service Port number Parameter
HMaster 16000 hbase.master.port
HMaster 16010
HRegionServer 16020 hbase.regionserver.port
HRegionServer 16030
ThriftServer 9099 None

Hadoop Spark

Service Port number Parameter
SparkHistory 18080 None


Service Port number Parameter
Storm UI 9999 ui_port


Service Port number Parameter
Overlord 18090 overlord.runtime > druid.plaintextPort
Coordinator 18081 coordinator.runtime > druid.plaintextPort
MiddleManager 18091 middleManager.runtime > druid.plaintextPort
Historical 18083 historical.runtime > druid.plaintextPort
Router 18888 router.runtime > druid.plaintextPort
Broker 18082 broker.runtime > druid.plaintextPort