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Error codes

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018

Common error codes

Error code Description
4001 Request parameters do not meet the requirements, for example, parameters missing, or the parameter formats do not meet the requirements.
4005 No permission to access to other users’ resources.
4006 This cluster is abnormal, and you cannot submit the job. Check whether the cluster associated with the execution plan is released.
4007 Security group name cannot be empty.
4009 Check whether your account has overdue charges or is frozen.
4011 This cluster is abnormal, and you cannot resume scheduling. Check whether the cluster associated with the execution plan is released.
5012 The number of the security groups created by the user has exceeded the limit. Go to Security Group Page to delete unnecessary security groups.
5038 The job cannot be modified in the running or pending execution plan until the associated execution plan is completed, and you can clone a new job and modify it for use.
5039 Failed to lock the cluster role, and some permissions are needed to run E-MapReduce. For the Role Description of the EMR, go to create.
5050 Failed to access the database. Try again later.
6002 Failed to update the cluster status.
8002 No operation permissions, use RAM for authorization.
8003 No permission for PassRole, use RAM for authorization.
9006 Cluster ID does not exist. Check it again.
9007 The logon password of the master node set in the creation of the cluster must contain uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. The password length must be 8-30 characters.
Error code Description
The specified InstanceType is not authorized for using. The model for the cluster creation has not been applied. Apply for activating high-configuration instance in the ECS purchase page.
The inventory of the zone or cluster is insufficient. ECS quota in the zone is insufficient.
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