• createType (the type of the cluster creation):
    Enumerator Description
    ON-DEMAND Creates a cluster on demand.
    MANUAL Creates a cluster manually.
  • clusterType (The type of the cluster):
    Enumerator Description
    HADOOP Hadoop
    KAFKA Kafka
    GATEWAY Gateway
    DRUID Druid
    Zoolokeeper ZooKeeper
    DATA_SCIENCE Data Science
  • clusterStatus (the status of the cluster):
    Enumerator Description
    CREATING The cluster is being created.
    CREATE_FAILED The cluster fails to be created.
    RUNNING The cluster is running.
    IDLE The cluster is idle.
    RELEASING The cluster is being released.
    RELEASE_FAILED The cluster fails to be released.
    RELEASED The cluster has been released.
    WAIT_FOR_PAY The cluster has not been paid.
    ABNORMAL The status of the cluster is abnormal.
  • DiskType (the type of the disk):
    Enumerator Description
    CLOUD Cloud disk.
    CLOUD_EFFICIENCY Ultra disk.
    CLOUD_SSD SSD disk.
  • ecs instance status
    Enumerator Description
    ABNORMAL The status of the instance is abnormal.
    NORMAL The status of the instance is normal.
    RESIZING The instance is being resized.
    INITIALIZING The instance is being initialized.
    RELEASED The instance has been released.

Execution plan

  • executionPlan Instance Status (the status of the execution plan instance):
    Enumerator Description
    WF_INSTNACE_READY The instance is not running.
    WF_INSTNACE_RUNNING The instance is running.
    WF_INSTNACE_FAILED The instance fails to run.
    WF_INSTNACE_SUCCESS The instance runs successfully.
  • executionPlan status (the status of the execution plan):
    Enumerator Description
    SCHEDULING The execution plan is being scheduled.
    NO_SCHEDULE The execution plan has not been scheduled. Either the scheduling of the execution plan is paused or the execution plan is executed manually.
  • Strategy
    Enumerator Description
    RUN_MANUALLY Manual execution.
    SCHEDULE Periodic scheduling.
  • timeUnit (the unit of the time interval for periodic scheduling)
    Enumerator Description
    DAY The day.
    HOUR The hour.


  • jobType (the type of the job):
    Enumerator Description
    SPARK A Spark job.
    Apache Hadoop. A Hadoop MapReduce job.
    HIVE A Hive job.
    PIG A PIG job.
  • jobFailAct (The action to take after failure):
    Enumerator Description
    STOP Stops running the job.
    CONTINUE Continues to run the subsequent jobs.
  • job instance status
    Enumerator Description
    JOB_INSTANCE_WAITING The instance is waiting to run.
    JOB_INSTANCE_SUBMISSION_FAILED The instance fails to be submitted.
    JOB_INSTANCE_CANCELING The instance is being canceled.
    JOB_INSTANCE_CANCELED The instance has been canceled.
    JOB_INSTANCE_CANCEL_FAILED The instance fails to be canceled.