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Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017
Name Type Description
InstanceType String ecs.s3.large (4-core 8G), ecs.m1.medium (4-core 16G), ecs.m1.xlarge (8-core 32G), ecs.c1.large (8-core 16G), ecs.c2.large (16-core 32G), ecs.c2.xlarge (16-core 64G), ecs.n1.large (4-core 8G), ecs.n2.large (4-core 16G), ecs.n1.xlarge (8-core 16G), ecs.n2.xlarge (8-core 32G), ecs.n1.3xlarge (16-core 32G), ecs.n2.3xlarge (16-core 64G).
DiskType String CLOUD (basic cloud disk), CLOUD_EFFICIENCY (ultra cloud disk), CLOUD_SSD (SSD cloud disk).
NodeType String Node type, master or core.
DiskCapacity Integer Single disk capacity, from 40G to 2000G.
DiskCount Integer Disk count, minimum 1 and maximum 4.
NodeCount Integer By default, the number of master node is 1 and the number of core nodes must be equal to or greater than 1.
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