Name Type Description
InstanceType String ecs.s2.large (2-core, 4 GB), ecs.s3.large (4-core, 8 GB), ecs.m1.medium (4-core, 16 GB), ecs.m1.xlarge (8-core, 32 GB), ecs.c1.large (8-core, 32 GB), ecs.c2.large (12-core, 32 GB), ecs.c2.xlarge (16-core, 64 GB), ecs.n1.medium (2-core, 4 GB), ecs.n1.large (4-core, 8 GB), ecs.n1.xlarge (8-core, 16 GB), ecs.n1.3xlarge (16-core, 32 GB), ecs.n1.7xlarge (32-core, 64 GB), ecs.n2.large (4-core, 16 GB), ecs.n2.xlarge (8-core, 32 GB), ecs.n2.3xlarge (16-core, 64 GB), ecs.n2.7xlarge (32-core, 128 GB), ecs.sn1.large (4-core, 8 GB), ecs.sn1.xlarge (8-core, 16 GB), ecs.sn1.3xlarge (16-core, 32 GB), ecs.sn1.7xlarge (32-core, 64 GB), ecs.sn2.large (4-core, 16 GB), ecs.sn2.xlarge (8-core, 32 GB), ecs.sn2.3xlarge (16-core, 64 GB), ecs.sn2.7xlarge (32-core, 128 GB)
NodeType String The type of the node. Valid values: MASTER and CORE.
DiskCapacity Integer The capacity of a single disk. The range is from 40 GB to 2,000 GB.
DiskCount Integer The number of disks. The range is from one to four (an integer).
NodeCount Integer Currently, the default number of the master node is one. The minimum number of core nodes is one.