Name Type Description
NodeType Integer The type of the node. Valid values: master and core.
InstanceType String The type of the instance. The types include ecs.s3.large (4-core 8G), ecs.m1.medium (4-core 16G), ecs.m1.xlarge (8-core 32G), ecs.c1.large (8-core 16G), ecs.c2.large (16-core 32G), ecs.c2.xlarge (16-core 64G), ecs.n1.large (4-core 8G), ecs.n2.large (4-core 16G), ecs.n1.xlarge (8-core 16G), ecs.n2.xlarge (8-core 32G), ecs.n1.3xlarge (16-core 32G), and ecs.n2.3xlarge (16-core 64G).
CpuCore Integer The number of cores in the CPU.
MemoryCapacity Integer The memory capacity.
DiskType String The type of the disk. Valid values: CLOUD, CLOUD_EFFICIENCY, and CLOUD_SSD.
DiskCapacity Integer The capacity of a single disk. The range is from 40 GiB to 2,000 GiB.
BandWidth String  The bandwidth of the network.
Nodes Array<Node> The details of the nodes.
  • Node
    Name  Type Description
    ZoneId  String The ID of the available zone.
    InstanceId String The ID of the instance.
    Status String Status
    PubIp String The public network IP address.
    InnerIp String  The private network IP address.
    DiskInfos Array<DiskInfo> The information of the disks.
  • DiskInfo
    Name  Type Required
    Device  String The path of the device.
    DiskName String The name of the disk.
    DiskId String The ID of the disk.
    Type String The type of the disk.
    Size String  The capacity of the disk.