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Last Updated: Oct 20, 2017
Name Type Description
NodeType Integer The node type, master or core.
InstanceType String ecs.s3.large (4-core 8G), ecs.m1.medium (4-core 16G), ecs.m1.xlarge (8-core 32G), ecs.c1.large (8-core 16G), ecs.c2.large (16-core 32G), ecs.c2.xlarge (16-core 64G), ecs.n1.large (4-core 8G), ecs.n2.large (4-core 16G), ecs.n1.xlarge (8-core 16G), ecs.n2.xlarge (8-core 32G), ecs.n1.3xlarge (16-core 32G), ecs.n2.3xlarge (16-core 64G).
CpuCore Integer Cpu cores.
MemoryCapacity Integer Memory size.
DiskType String CLOUD (basic cloud disk), CLOUD_EFFICIENCY (ultra cloud disk), CLOUD_SSD (SSD cloud disk).
DiskCapacity Integer Disk capacity, from 40G to 2000G.
BandWidth String Network bandwidth.
Nodes Array<Node> Node details.


Name Type Description
ZoneId String Zone ID.
InstanceId String Instance ID.
Status String Status.
PubIp String Internet IP address.
InnerIp String Intranet IP address.
DiskInfos Array<DiskInfo> Disk information.


Name Type Description
Device String Device path.
DiskName String Disk name.
DiskId String Disk ID.
Type String Type.
Size String Capacity.
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