You can call this operation to query a list of execution plan instances.

Request parameters

Field Type Required Default value Description
Id String Yes None The ID of the execution plan.
RegionId String Yes None
ExecutionPlanIdList Array<String> Yes None A list of the IDs of the execution plans to query. It is a string array. For example, [“WF-5D93B00901730B5E”,”WF-5D93B0090173ABCD”]
OnlyLastInstance Boolean No false Returns the last running logs (instances) of all the execution plans on the list if onlyLastInstance=true. If you set the value of the onlyLastInstance parameter to true, then you do not need to specify the PageNumber parameter and the PageSize parameter, and the settings do not take effect.
PageNumber Integer No 1 The page number to query.
PageSize Integer No 10 The number of rows to display per page.

Response parameters

Field Type Required
ExecutionPlanInstances Array<ExecutionPlanInstance> The details of the execution plan instances.
TotalCount Integer The total number of records.
PageNumber Integer The current page number.
PageSize  Integer   The number of rows to display per page.


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