You can call this operation to query the details of an execution plan.

Request parameters

Field Type Required Default value Description
Id String Yes None The ID of the execution plan.
RegionId String Yes None The ID of the region.

Response parameters

Field Type Description
Id String  The ID of the execution plan.
Name String The name of the execution plan.
Strategy String The running policy of the execution plan. RUN_MANUALLY: Manual execution. Run the execution plan only when triggered by users. SCHEDULE: Periodic scheduling. Run the execution plan on the set interval.
StartTime Long The start time of the periodic scheduling.
TimeUnit String The time interval for periodic scheduling. DAY: The unit is the day. HOUR: The unit is the hour.
TimeInterval Integer The time interval. If the unit is the day, set the value to 1. If the unit is the hour, set the value to a number in the range from 1 to 23.
JobInfoList JobInfo The list of the associated jobs.
CreateClusterOnDemand Boolean Indicates whether to create a dynamic cluster on demand.
ClusterId String The ID of the cluster. If CreateClusterOnDemand==false, this value is returned. Otherwise, no value is returned because it is a cluster created on demand.
ClusterInfo ClusterInfo The detailed information about the cluster. If CreateClusterOnDemand==true, this value is returned.


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