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Create an execution plan

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Create an execution plan.

Request parameters

Field Type Required? Default Value Description
RegionId String Yes None The ID of the cluster to be created.
Name String Yes None Execution plan name.
Strategy String Yes None The running strategy of the execution plan. RUN_MANUALLY: manual running. The execution plan is run only when user triggers it; SCHEDULE: periodical scheduling. The execution plan is automatically run at specified time.
StartTime Long No, required when Strategy==SCHEDULE None The time when the periodical scheduling takes effect.
TimeUnit String No, required when Strategy==SCHEDULE None The time interval for periodical scheduling. DAY: the execution plan is scheduled every day; HOUR: the execution plan is scheduled every hour.
TimeInterval Integer No, required when Strategy==SCHEDULE None Time interval. If the time unit is DAY: only 1 is allowed; if the time unit is HOUR: a value of 1-23 is allowed.
JobIdList Array<String> Yes None The job ID array, similar to: [“J-90D5FC26DA8C7CA7”,”J-A5B1F503752DE01F”].
CreateClusterOnDemand Boolean No False Whether to dynamically create the cluster on demand.
ClusterId String No, required when CreateClusterOnDemand=false None The associated existing cluster ID.
When CreateClusterOnDemand=true, automatically create cluster information on demand
ClusterName Boolean Yes None The name of the newly created cluster.
ZoneId String No None Zone ID, similar to cn-hangzhou-b.
LogEnable Boolean No None Enable log storage? To use this function, ensure you have activated OSS.
LogPath String No, required when LogEnable==true None The path of logs saved on OSS, similar to oss://bucketname/dir.
SecurityGroupId String Yes None Any security group ID. You can create one in the ECS and then use it. Note: If you are using an existing security group, the default security group policy will apply: Port 22 for incoming requests only and all ports for outgoing requests.
IsOpenPublicIp Boolean No True Enable public IP address? If yes, 8 MB bandwidth will be available by default.
EmrVer String Yes None E-MapReduce version number. Such as “EMR 1.0.0” and “EMR 1.1.0”.
ClusterType String Yes None Cluster type. It can be HADOOP, and HBase is not supported.
HighAvailabilityEnable Boolean No False Enable high availability mode? If yes, 2 master nodes are required to be active.
EcsOrder EcsOrder Yes None The ECS information contained in the cluster, in JSON format. It is similar to the format below: [{“nodeCount”:3, “nodeType”:”MASTER”, “instanceType”:”ecs.n1.large”, “diskType”:”CLOUD_EFFICIENCY”, “diskCapacity”:80,diskCount”:1}]. 
BootstrapActions List BootstrapAction No None Bootstrap action list. A maximum of 16 actions are allowed. Otherwise, only the first 16 actions are retained.
Configurations String No None Provide an OSS file path and the file content can be found in the User Manual.
VpcId String No None vpc ID.
VSwitchId String No None ID of the switch in VPC.
NetType String No Classic classic/vpc, classic by default.
IoOptimized Boolean No True Enable I/O optimization? The default value is “true”.
InstanceGeneration String No None ECS instance series, and the value is ecs-1 or ecs-2.

Returned parameters

Field Type Description
Id String Execution plan ID


Request example

  1. https://emr.aliyuncs.com/?Action=CreateExecutionPlan
  2. &ClusterName=Test
  3. &ClusterType=HADOOP
  4. &LogEnable=false
  5. &SecurityGroupId=sg-234r6xoqe
  6. &IsOpenPublicIp=true
  7. &ZoneId=cn-hangzhou-b
  8. &EmrVer=EMR+1.1.0
  9. &EcsOrder=[{"nodeCount":3,"nodeType":"master","instanceType":"ecs.n1.large","diskType":"CLOUD_EFFICIENCY","diskCapacity":80}]
  10. &MasterIndex=1
  11. &Name=MyJobFlow
  12. &StartTime=1
  13. &TimeInterval=1
  14. &Strategy=RUN_MANUALLY
  15. &CreateClusterOnDemand=true
  16. &JobIdList=%5B%22J-90D5FC26DA8C7CA7%22%2C%22J-A5B1F503752DE01F%22%5D
  17. &RegionId=cn-hangzhou
  18. &Public request parameters

Returned format

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "RequestId": "34B08619-2636-49F9-AB4E-CD8D347B1E07",
  3. "Id":"WF-13A570B821D4BAB3"
  4. }
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