You can call this operation to create a job.

Request parameters

Field Type Required Default value Description
Name String Yes None The name of the job.
Type String Yes None The type of the job. Valid values: HADOOP, SPARK, HIVE, PIG, SQOOP, SPARK_SQL, and SHELL.
RunParameter String Yes None The parameter of the job.
FailAct String Yes None The action to take after failure. STOP: Stops creating the job. CONTINUE: Continues creating the subsequent jobs.
RegionId String Yes None

Response parameters

Field Type Description
Id String The ID of the job.


  • Sample requests
    &Common request parameters
  • Sample responses
    JSON format
        "RequestId": "34B08619-2636-49F9-AB4E-CD8D347B1E07",
        "InstanceId": "J-13A570B821D4BAB3"