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Job operations

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2017

Job creation

A new job can be created at any time. The job created can currently only be used in the region where it is created.

Job clone

To completely clone configurations in which jobs already exist. It is also restricted to the same region.

Job modification

If it is necessary to add a job into an execution plan, then it is required to ensure that this execution plan is not under operation and its periodic scheduling is not in progress before the job can be modified.

If it is necessary to add this job into several execution plans, the modification can be made after terminating the operation and periodic scheduling of all execution plans to be added. Since job modification may cause changes to all execution plans using this job, it may cause errors to execution plans under executing or periodic scheduling.

If it is necessary to conduct debugging, clone is recommended, and after debugging, replace original jobs in the execution plan.

Job deletion

As with modification, jobs can be deleted only when the execution plan in which jobs are added in is not under operation and periodic scheduling is not in progress.

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