The Cluster Management page, displays basic information about all of your clusters.

On the Cluster Management page, information of clusters are displayed as follows:
Cluster list

The items in the cluster list are as follows:

  • Cluster ID/Name: The ID and name of a cluster. Move your cursor over a cluster's name to modify it.
  • Cluster Type: Hadoop is the only cluster type available.
  • Status: The status of a cluster. For more information, see Cluster statuses. If a cluster experiences an abnormality, such as a creation failure, prompt information appears on the right. If you hover your cursor over it, you can view detailed error information. You can also sort the statuses by clicking Status.
  • Created At: Time at which a cluster was created.
  • Runtime: The time from the point of creation to the current time. Once the cluster is released, the timing is terminated.
  • Billing Method: The billing method of the cluster.
  • Actions: Operations that can be performed on clusters, including the following:
    • Monitoring: Monitors the CPU usage rate, memory capacity, and disk capacity of E-MapReduce clusters to help users monitor the running status of the cluster.
    • Manage: Enters the Clusters and Services panel.
    • View details: Enters the Cluster Overview panel and view detailed information after the cluster is created.
    • More:
      • Scale Up/Out: Expands the cluster.
      • Release: Releases a cluster. For more information, see Release a cluster.
      • Restart: Restarts a cluster.