Cluster list page displays the basic information about all of your clusters.

All items from the list are described as follows:

  • Instance ID/cluster name: ID and name of the cluster. Place the cursor over the cluster name to modify it.

  • Cluster type: Hadoop is the only cluster type available.

  • Elapsed time: Operation time from creation until now. Once the cluster is released, and the timing is terminated.

  • Status (default): The cluster status, for more information, see Cluster status. In case of cluster abnormalities, such as creation failure, the prompt information appears on the right side. The detailed error information can be viewed by hovering the cursor over it. You can also sort the status by clicking Status (default).

  • Billing method: The billing method of the cluster.

  • Operation: Operations that can be applied to clusters, including the following:

    • View details: Enter the cluster details page and view the detailed information after the cluster is created.

    • Adjust scale: The entry for cluster expansion function.

    • Release: Release a cluster, see Release a cluster.