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Release a cluster

Last Updated: May 03, 2018

On the cluster list page, click Release on the right side of the cluster entry to release the cluster. Only Pay-As-You-Go clusters in the following statuses can be released:

  • Creating

  • Running

  • Idle

Common release

You are prompted to confirm before the release. Once confirmed, procedure is as follows:

  1. All jobs in the cluster are forcibly terminated.

  2. If you have selected to save the log to OSS, all current job logs are saved to OSS. The required time depends on the log size. The log uploading and the job running are in parallel. The log can be uploaded once generated. Therefore, when the final job is terminated, a few logs must be uploaded. The upload can take several minutes.

  3. Release the cluster.

Forcible release

If you no longer need the logs, and want to immediately terminate the cluster operation, activate the forcible release function. The process of log collection is skipped and release start directly.

Cluster release failure

Due to system error or other reasons, the cluster release may fail after confirmation. If the cluster release fails, E-MapReduce can start background protection to automatically release the cluster again until it is released successfully.

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