Pay-As-You-Go clusters can be released on the Cluster Management page. Only those with the following statuses can be released:

  • Creating

  • Running

  • Idle

Common release

Before releasing a cluster, you are prompted to confirm the operation. Once the release is confirmed, the following occurs:

  • All jobs in the cluster are forcibly terminated.
  • If you have selected to save logs to OSS, all current job logs are saved to OSS. This may take several minutes.
  • Clusters are released. Depending on their size, this may take seconds or minutes. ECS clusters are billed before they are released.
    Warning To save money, make sure to release a cluster before a new billable hour starts.

Forcible release

If you no longer need logs and want to immediately terminate running clusters, perform a forcible release. Logs are not collected and clusters are released directly.

Cluster release failure

Due to system errors or other causes, clusters may fail to be released. If a failure occurs, E-MapReduce starts background protection until the cluster is finally released.