Make sure that the following prerequisites are met before you create an E-MapReduce cluster:

  1. Create an Alibaba Cloud account

    To create an E-MapReduce cluster, you must have an Alibaba Cloud account, which is used to uniquely identify you in the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem. You can use this account to create E-MapReduce clusters and activate other Alibaba Cloud services, including Object Storage Service (OSS) and ApsaraDB for RDS (RDS).

    For more information about creating an Alibaba Cloud account, see Sign up with Alibaba Cloud.

  2. Create an AccessKey (optional)

    To use E-MapReduce, you must create a minimum of one AccessKey. Follow these steps to create an AccessKey:

    1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud website.

    2. Go to the Alibaba Cloud console.
    3. Hover over your profile picture and then click AccessKeys.
      Notice If the following dialog box appears, click Continue to manage AccessKey .

    4. Click Create AccessKey.
    5. The AccessKey has been created.
  3. Authorize default system role to the E-MapReduce service account.

    When you activate the E-MapReduce service, a default system role named AliyunEMRDefaultRole must be granted to the E-MapReduce service account. Once assigned, E-MapReduce can call the relevant services (such as ECS and OSS), create clusters, save logs, and perform other related tasks.For more information, see Role authorization.

  4. Activate Alibaba Cloud OSS

    E-MapReduce stores the job and execution logs on Alibaba Cloud OSS. Therefore, you must activate Alibaba Cloud OSS. For more information, see Sign up for OSS. Create OSS buckets in the same region as the EMR cluster that you need to create. For more information, see Create a bucket.

  5. Create high-configuration instances (optional)

    If you need to create instances with eight or more cores for a Pay-As-You-Go-based cluster, log on to your Alibaba Cloud account and submit a ticket for application. For more information, see Support and Services.