E-MapReduce has a number of advantages over self-built clusters. For example, it provides a number of convenient and controllable ways of managing your clusters.

Other benefits include:

  • Usability

    • Selecting the required ECS model and disks is easy, as is selecting the required software for automatic deployment.
    • Clusters are created on demand in minutes and released after offline jobs are complete.
    • You can apply for cluster resources according to your geographical location or the location of the data source. Alibaba Cloud ECS currently supports the following regions: China East 1, China East 2, China North 1, China North 2, China South 1, Asia Pacific SE 1 (Singapore), Hong Kong, US East 1, and US West 1. E-MapReduce supports China North 2, China East 1, China East 2, and China South 1, but will soon be extended to cover all of the regions supported by Alibaba Cloud ECS.
  • Cost-effectiveness

    • The costs involved in managing underlying instances are cut.
    • You pay on demand for the instances that you use.
  • Ease of integration

    E-MapReduce can be integrated seamlessly with other Alibaba Cloud products to use as the input source or output destination for the Hadoop/Spark computing engine.

  • Security

    E-MapReduce integrates Alibaba Cloud RAM to isolate service permissions through the primary or sub-accounts.