You create a MaxCompute project in two following ways.

Method 1

Select  File >  > New >  > Project >  > MaxCompute >  > MaxCompute Project to create the project (in the example, use ODPS as the project name),as follows.

After creating MaxCompute project, the following dialog box is displayed.  Enter the project name, select the MaxCompute client path, and click FinishFinish. The MaxCompute client needs to be downloaded in advance.As follows.

Note For more information about MaxCompute client, see Client.
After creating the project, the following directory structure is displayed in the left Package Explorer,as follows.

Method 2

Click New in the upper left corner,as follows.

After the dialog box is displayed, select ODPS Project and click Next,as follows.

The subsequent operations are similar to Method 1.

The installation of MaxCompute Eclipse plugin is completed.  You can use this plugin to write MapReduce or UDF programs. For more information about MapReduce, see MapReduce.For more information the UDF programming, see UDF.