This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about listeners of Global Accelerator (GA).

Can GA preserve client IP addresses?


Whether a GA instance supports client IP address preservation depends on the protocol that is used by the listener of the GA instance. For more information, see Preserve client IP addresses.

Do UDP listeners support client affinity and client IP address preservation?


Can different listeners added to a GA instance use the same port?

UDP listeners can use the same port as TCP, HTTP, or HTTPS listeners. However, TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS listeners cannot use the same port.

How many listeners can I add to a GA instance?


To increase the quota, submit a ticket.

For more information about the limits of GA, see Limits.

How many ports can I configure for a listener?


In some acceleration regions, you can configure more than 300 ports for a listener, but each GA instance supports only one listener that is configured with more than 300 ports. To use this feature, submit a ticket. For more information, see Overview.

What is the port range supported by TCP and UDP listeners?

The port range supported by TCP and UDP listeners is 1 to 65499.