This topic describes the statements used for package-based resource sharing.

Resource sharing

Statement Description
create package <pkgName> Creates a package.
delete package <pkgName> Deletes a package.
add <objType><objName> to package <pkgName> [with privileges privs] Adds resources you want to share to a package.
remove <objType><objName> from package <pkgName> Removes shared resources from a package.
allow project <prjName> to install package <pkgName> [using label <num>] Allows a project to use your package.
disallow project <prjName> to install package <pkgName> Disallows a project to use your package.

Resource usage

Statement Description
install package <pkgName> Installs a package.
uninstall package <pkgName> Uninstalls a package.

Package information query

Statement Description
show packages Lists all of the created and installed packages.
describe package <pkgName> Queries the details of a package.