This article introduces you to the concept of authentication configuration and data protection in some project space security configurations.

Authentication configuration

Statement Description
show SecurityConfiguration View the security configuration of the project.
set CheckPermissionUsingACL=true/false Enable/Disable the ACL-based authorization.
set CheckPermissionUsingPolicy=true/false Enable/Disable the policy authorization.
set ObjectCreatorHasAccessPermission=true/false Grant/Revoke default access permissions to/from object creators.
set ObjectCreatorHasGrantPermission=true/false Grant/Revoke default authorization permissions to/from object creators.

Data protection

Statement Description
set ProjectProtection=false Disable data protection.
list TrustedProjects View the list of trusted projects.
add TrustedProject <projectName> <projectName> Add a trusted project.
remove TrustedProject  <projectName> Remove a trusted project.