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Last Updated: May 09, 2018

The restrictions of MaxCompute are as follows:

  • A string column in a MaxCompute table can be up to 2 MB in length.

  • A single task can reference up to 512 resources, and the partition table is calculated as one unit.

  • The maximum size of resources referenced by single task is 64 MB.

  • The inputs and outputs of a single task can be up to 128.

  • The number of Counter defined in single task cannot exceed 64.

  • The default size of memory occupied by single Map or Reduce Worker is 2048 and the range is [256 MB-12 GB].

  • The maximum frequency of single Map or Reduce Worker reading a resource is <64.

  • In local running mode, the maximum number of Map Worker and Reduce Worker units is 100. The default downloaded record number of one input is 100.

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