Last Updated: Jun 21, 2016

Command Format:

  1. use <project_name>;


  • Enter the specified project. After entering this project, all objects in this project can be operated by the user.
  • If the project does not exist or the current user is not in this project, return exception.


  1. odps:my_project>use my_project; --my_project is a project the user has privilege to access.


  • The example given above is running in ODPS client. All ODPS command keywords, project names, table names, column names are case insensitive.

After running this command, user can access the objects of this project. Suppose the table test_src has existed in the project ‘my_project’ and run the following command:

  1. odps:my_project>select * from test_src;

ODPS will search the tables under my_project automatically. If the table exists, return the data of this table. If the table does not exist, exception is thrown. To access the table test_src in another project ‘my_project2’ through the project ‘my_project’, specify the project name as follows:

  1. odps:my_project>select * from my_project2.test_src;

Now return the data in my_project2 instead of the data of test_src in my_project.

MaxCompute does not provide the commands to create and delete the project. User can complete more configurations and operations through ODPS Console.

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