Enter the project

Command format:
use <project_name>;
  • Enter the specified project.  After entering the project, all objects in this project can be operated by the user.
  • If the project does not exist or the current user is not in this project, an exception is returned.
odps:my_project>use my_project; --my_project is a project the user has privilege to access.
The preceding examples uses the MaxCompute client.  All  MaxCompute command keywords, project names, table names, column names are case insensitive.
After running the command, a user can access the objects of this project. In the following example, assume that test_src exists in the project ‘my_project’. Run the following command:
odps:my_project>select * from test_src;
MaxCompute automatically searches the table in my_project. If the table exists, it returns the data of this table. If the table does not exist, an exception is thrown. To access the table test_src in another project, such as ‘my_project2’, through the project ‘my_project’, you must first specify the project name as follows:
odps:my_project>select * from my_project2.test_src;

The returned data is the data in my_project2, not the initial data of test_src in my_project.

MaxCompute does not support commands to create or delete projects.  You can use the MaxCompute console for additional configurations and operations as needed.