Add Users

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2016

Any user who is not the project owner must be added into corresponding MaxCompute project and granted with corresponding privileges, otherwise he is unable to operate MaxCompute. Next we will introduce how to add a new user into MaxCompute by the project owner. If you are a project owner, we recommend that you read this section carefully. If you are an ordinary user, we recommend that you read subsquent section after added into corresponding project by the project owner.

Add User

Command to add user:

  1. ADD USER <full_username> ;

Example to add user to project through MaxCompute console:

  1. add user;

If it is not confirmed whether the user has already existed in this project, the following command can be used to check:


After added successfully, user is not able to use MaxCompute immediately and must be granted with certain priviledges.For more authorization operations, refer to User Authorization and Show Grants.

Remove User

To remove a user from a project, use the following command:

  1. REMOVE USER <full_username> ;

For example:

  1. remove user;


  • Before removing a user, please ensure that all priviledges of this user have been canceled.
  • For more details of adding/removing user, please refer to Project User Management.
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