Background information

Before using the MaxCompute service, you must register an Alibaba Cloud account.


  1. Register an Alibaba Cloud account
    If you have not yet registered an Alibaba Cloud account, go to the Alibaba Cloud official website and at the upper-right corner click Free Account.
    Note The account type you create is an Alibaba Cloud primary account, which is the account type with highest-level permissions. We recommend you keep the access credentials of this account in a secure place. We also recommend you do not allow others to use your account, and that you periodically change your password.

    If you want to deploy your service in Mainland China, you must register using your real name and then complete real name authentication.

  2. Create an AccessKey

    An AccessKey is primarily used for access permission verification between various Alibaba Cloud products. It is needed to guarantee the processing of tasks in the DataWorks development kit. An AccessKey is comprised of two parts: an Access Key ID and an Access Key Secret. The specific operation is as follows:

    1. Log in to Ali cloud and click accesskeys under the user name in the upper-right corner to Access  Key Management page.
    2. Click Create Access Key in the upper right corner, and click Agree and Create in the pop-up box.
    3. After the Access Key is successfully created, the system will jump to the Access Key administration page, you can view the status of the corresponding AK and disable it, delete it, and so on.  As shown in the following figure:
      Once an AccessKey is disabled, services that use that AccessKey encounter operational failures and report errors. Therefore, if you change your AccessKeys, you must update the corresponding changes for the products and services that use the disabled AccessKeys.
      Note An AccessKey is critical to the security of your account. Therefore, we recommend you keep Access- Key ID and Access Key Secret's security, do not let others know. Once there is a risk of leakage, please disable and update in time.