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API reference

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2017

The following table is the overview of Express Connect API. Express Connect APIs are included in VPC API, click here to see details.

Physical connection API

API Description
CreatePhysicalConnection Apply for a physical connection
CancelPhysicalConnection Cancel the access of a physical connection
DeletePhysicalConnection Delete a physical connection
DescribePhysicalConnections Query physical connection list
EnablePhysicalConnection Enable a physical connection
ModifyPhysicalConnection Modify a physical connection
TerminatePhysicalConnection Terminate the access of a physical connection

Virtual border router API

API Description
CreateVirtualBorderRouter Create a virtual border router
DescribeVirtualBorderRouters Query virtual border router list
DescribeVirtualBorderRoutersForPhysicalConnection Check virtual border router list of a physical connection
ModifyVirtualBorderRouter Modify a virtual border router
RecoverVirtualBorderRouter Recover a virtual border router
TerminateVirtualBorderRouter Terminate a virtual border router

Router interface API

API Description
ActivateRouterInterface Activate a router interface
ConnectRouterInterface Initiate a connection
CreateRouterInterface Create a router interface
DeactivateRouterInterface Deactivate a router interface
DeleteRouterInterface Delete a router interface
DescribeRouterInterfaces Query router interface list
ModifyRouterInterfaceAttribute Modify the attribute of a router interface
ModifyRouterInterfaceSpec Modify the specification of a router interface
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