This topic lists available APIs of Express Connect.

Virtual Border Routers (VBRs)

API Description
CreateVirtualBorderRouter Creates a VBR.
DescribeVirtualBorderRouters Queries one or more VBRs.
DescribeVirtualBorderRoutersForPhysicalConnection Queries the VBRs associated with a physical connection, including the VBRs under the physical connection owner's account and other accounts.
ModifyVirtualBorderRouterAttribute Modifies the configurations of a VBR.
RecoverVirtualBorderRouter Recovers a VBR that is terminated.
TerminateVirtualBorderRouter Terminates a VBR.

Physical connections

API Description
CancelPhysicalConnection Cancels a physical connection. After a physical connection is cancelled, it enters the Canceled state.
DeletePhysicalConnection Deletes a physical connection.
DescribePhysicalConnections Queries one or more physical connections in a specified region.
EnablePhysicalConnection Enables a physical connection that is in the Confirmed state. After a physical connection is enabled, it enters the Enabled state.
ModifyPhysicalConnectionAttribute Modifies the configurations of a physical connection.
TerminatePhysicalConnection Terminates a physical connection after the physical connection is enabled.
ApplyPhysicalConnectionLOA Submits an application for the LOA.
CompletePhysicalConnectionLOA Reports information about the completed installation of the leased line.
CreatePhysicalConnectionOccupancyOrder Creates an order for the resource occupation fee.
CreatePhysicalConnectionSetupOrder Creates an order for the initial installation fee.
DescribePhysicalConnectionLOA Queries LOA information about a physical connection.