The following table is the overview of Express Connect API. Express Connect APIs are included in VPC APIs.

Router interface

API Description
ActivateRouterInterface Activate a router interface.
ConnectRouterInterface Initiate a connection.
CreateRouterInterface Create a router interface.
DeactivateRouterInterface Deactivate a router interface.
DeleteRouterInterface Delete a router interface.
DescribeRouterInterfaces Query the list of router interfaces.
ModifyRouterInterfaceAttribute Modify the attributes of a router interface.
ModifyRouterInterfaceSpec Modify the specification of a router interface.

Virtual border router

API Description
CreateVirtualBorderRouter Create a virtual border router.
DescribeVirtualBorderRouters Query the list of virtual border routers.
DescribeVirtualBorderRoutersForPhysicalConnection Query the list of virtual border routers under a physical connection.
ModifyVirtualBorderRouterAttribute Modify the information of a virtual border router.
RecoverVirtualBorderRouter Recover a virtual border router.
TerminateVirtualBorderRouter Terminate a virtual border router.

Physical connection

API Description
CreatePhysicalConnection Apply for a physical connection.
CancelPhysicalConnection Cancel a physical connection.
DeletePhysicalConnection Delete a physical connection.
DescribePhysicalConnections Query the list of physical connections.
EnablePhysicalConnection Enable a physical connection.
ModifyPhysicalConnectionAttribute Modify the attributes of a physical connection.
TerminatePhysicalConnection Terminate a physical connection.