Term Description
Express Connect Alibaba Cloud Express Connect helps you build private-network communication channels between VPCs or between a VPC and your local IDC with increased network topology flexibility and enhanced cross-network communication quality and security.
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) VPC is a custom private network created on Alibaba Cloud. VPCs are logically isolated from each other. You can create and manage your cloud product instances, such as ECS instances, SLB instances, and RDS instances, in your VPC.
Physical connection interface Physical interface through which the leased physical connection accesses an Alibaba Cloud access point.
VRouter A VRouter is a hub that connects all VSwitches in the VPC and serves as a gateway to connect the VPC with other networks.
Virtual Border Router (VBR) A VBR is a product mapping of the physical connection that you apply for to access a VSwitch. The VBR can be regarded as a router between your Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) and the VPC, serving as a bridge for data exchange between your local IDC and the VPC.
Peering connection Private-network communication channel between two VPCs or between a VPC and a VBR.
Access point Geographical location where the physical connection accesses Alibaba Cloud. Each access point has two access devices. Each region has one or more access points, any of which can be used to access Alibaba Cloud VPCs.