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Delete a VPC

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2017


You have released or transferred all the resources in the VPC.


  • Deleting a VPC will delete all associated security groups.
  • After a VPC is deleted, all data in the VPC will be unrecoverable.


  1. Delete VSwitches.

    1. Log on to the VPC consoleVPC console.

    2. In the left-side navigation pane, click VPC.

    3. Click the ID of the target VPC.

    4. In the left-side VPC Details pane, click VSwitch and then click Delete next to the target VSwitch.

    5. Click Confirm to delete the VSwitch.

      Repeat these steps to delete all the VSwitches.

  2. Delete a VPC.

    1. On the VPC Details page, click Delete. Or click Delete next to the target VPC on the VPC list page.

    2. Click Confirm to delete the VPC.

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