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Bind an EIP

Last Updated: Aug 02, 2017


  1. Log on to the EIP console and click Apply for Elastic IP.

  2. On the purchase page, select the region, bandwidth, and purchase quantity for the EIP, and then click Buy Now.

  3. Complete the payment.

  4. On the Elastic IP Address List page, choose a region.

    All the Elastic IP addresses under the selected region are displayed.

  5. Click Bind next to the target EIP.

  6. In the Bind dialog, select the ECS instance that you want to bind. Click OK.

    Note: You can only bind an EIP to an ECS instance in Running or Stopped status.

  7. On the Elastic IP Address List page, click Refresh on the upper-right corner.

    When the EIP address status changes to Allocated, it indicates that the ECS instance bound with the EIP can communicate with the Internet.