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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2018

This tutorial guides you through creating a VPC ECS instance and binding an Elastic IP (EIP) to make the ECS instance accessible from the Internet. This is useful when Internet communication is required for a VPC ECS instance, for example hosting a personal blog or website.

Note: A VPC is an isolated private network. By default, cloud product instances in a VPC cannot communicate with the Internet. When creating a VPC ECS instance, a public IP will be allocated to the ECS instance if you set the network bandwidth peak to a value larger than 0. Then, the ECS instance can communicate with the Internet. However, in this tutorial, we do not use the system allocated public IP. As an alternative, we bind an EIP to the ECS instance. Because the EIP can be dynamically bound and unbound to and from an ECS instance, it is more flexible and cost-saving.

Before you begin, ensure that you have an available Alibaba Cloud account. If not, see Create an Alibaba Cloud account.

First, create a VPC ECS instance.

Then, you need to bind an EIP to the ECS instance to access it from the Internet. For more information, see Bind an EIP.