Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017


Delete a group of backend servers and return to the backend server list.

Note: If some backend servers in BackendServers do not exist in the Server Load Balancer instance, they will be ignored directly without any error being reported.

Request parameter

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes Name of the operating interface, which is specified in the system

Value: RemoveBackendServers.

RegionId String Yes The ID of the region.
LoadBalancerId String Yes The unique ID of a Server Load Balancer instance.
BackendServers String Yes Backend server list to be removed. Value: It is a Jsonstring, and its structure is a JsonList. The elements in the List are in String type, which are ServerIds of the backend Server. The List can only contain 20 elements at most in one request.

Return parameter

Name Type Description
Common Parameter For more infotmation, see Common parameters.
LoadBalancerId String The unique ID of a Server Load Balancer instance.
BackendServers List Information of multiple backend servers in the Server Load Balancer instance is returned in the array format. See the following table for more information.


Request example

  2. &Action=RemoveBackendServers
  3. &LoadBalancerId=139a00604ad-cn-east-hangzhou-01
  4. &BackendServers=[" vm-233"," vm-234"]
  5. &<common request parameter>

Return example

  • XML format
    1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    2. <RemoveBackendServersResponse>
    3. <RequestId>365F4154-92F6-4AE4-92F8-7FF34B540710</RequestId>
    4. <LoadBalancerId>139a00604ad-cn-east-hangzhou-01</LoadBalancerId>
    5. <BackendServers>
    6. <BackendServer>
    7. <ServerId>vm-231</ServerId>
    8. <Weight>100</Weight>
    9. </BackendServer>
    10. <BackendServer>
    11. <ServerId>vm-232</ServerId>
    12. <Weight>100</Weight>
    13. </BackendServer>
    14. </BackendServers>
    15. </RemoveBackendServersResponse>
  • JSON format
    1. {
    2. "RequestId":"365F4154-92F6-4AE4-92F8-7FF34B540710",
    3. "LoadBalancerId":"139a00604ad-cn-east-hangzhou-01",
    4. "BackendServers":{
    5. BackendServer”: [
    6. {"ServerId":"vm-231",
    7. "Weight":100},
    8. {"ServerId":"vm-232",
    9. "Weight":100}] }
    10. }
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