Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017


Request parameter

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes Name of the operating interface, which is specified in the system. Value: DescribeLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttribute.
RegionId String Yes Region ID.
LoadBalancerId String Yes The unique ID of a Server Load Balancer instance.
ListenerPort Integer Yes Port used by the Server Load Balancer instance frontend. Value: 1-65535.

Return parameter

Name Type Description
Common Parameter For more information, see Common parameters.
ListenerPort Integer Port used by the Server Load Balancer instance frontend.
Bandwidth Integer Bandwidth peak of Listener.

Status String Current status of Listener. It includes such five statuses: starting, running, configuring, stopping and stopped.

XForwardedFor String Whether to start to obtain the actual IP address of a visitor by means of X-Forwarded-For. On is for enabling XForwardedFor, and off is for disabling it.
Scheduler String Scheduling algorithm. Wrr or wlc.

StickySession String Whether to enable session persistence. On is for enabling session persistence, and off is for disabling it.
StickySessionType String The way to handle the cookie.

CookieTimeout Integer Timeout period of the cookie.

Cookie String Cookie configured on the server. It is valid only when Type is server.
HealthCheck String Whether to enable health check. On is for enabling health check, and off is for disabling it.
HealthCheckDomain String Domain name used for health check.

HealthCheckURI String URI used for health check.

HealthyThreshold Integer Times of successive successful health checks from fail to success on the backend server.
UnhealthyThreshold Integer Times of successive failed health checks from success to fail on the backend server.
HealthCheckTimeout Integer Maximum timeout of each health check response, in seconds.
HealthCheckInterval Integer Time interval of health checks, in seconds.
HealthCheckHttpCode String Http status code of health check with normal result.
HealthCheckConnectPort Integer Port for health check.
VServerGroupId String The bound VServer group ID.
Gzip String Whether to open Gzip compression.


Request example

  2. &Action=DescribeLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttribute
  3. &LoadBalancerId=139a00604ad-cn-east-hangzhou-01
  4. &ListenerPort=80
  5. &<common request parameter>

Return example

  • XML format
    1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    2. <DescribeLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttributeResponse>
    3. <RequestId>365F4154-92F6-4AE4-92F8-7FF34B540710</RequestId>
    4. <ListenerPort>80</ListenerPort>
    5. <BackendServerPort>80</BackendServerPort>
    6. <Bandwidth>-1</Bandwidth>
    7. <Status>stopped</Status>
    8. <Schedule>wrr</Schedule>
    9. <XForwardedFor>on</XForwardedFor>
    10. </DescribeLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttributeResponse>
  • JSON format
    1. {
    2. "RequestId":"365F4154-92F6-4AE4-92F8-7FF34B540710",
    3. "ListenerPort":80,
    4. "BackendServerPort":80,
    5. "Bandwidth":-1,
    6. "Status":"stopped",
    7. "Schedule":"wrr",
    8. "XForwardedFor":"on"
    9. }
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