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API overview

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018

This document lists available APIs provided by Server Load Balancer (SLB).

SLB instances

CreateLoadBalancer Create an SLB instance.
DeleteLoadBalancer Delete an SLB instance.
SetLoadBalancerStatus Set the status of an SLB instance.
SetLoadBalancerName Configure a name for an SLB instance.
ModifyLoadBalancerInstanceSpec Modify the performance specification for a guaranteed-performance SLB instance.
DescribeLoadBalancers Query created SLB instances.
DescribeLoadBalancerAttribute Query the detailed information of an SLB instance.
DescribeRegions Query available regions.
DescribeZones Query available active/standby zones in the specified region.

SLB listeners

CreateLoadBalancerHTTPListener Create an HTTP protocol listener.
CreateLoadBalancerHTTPSListener Create an HTTPS listener.
CreateLoadBalancerTCPListener Create a TCP listener.
CreateLoadBalancerUDPListener Create a UDP protocol listener.
DeleteLoadBalancerListener Delete a listener.
StartLoadBalancerListener Start a listener.
StopLoadBalancerListener Stop a listener.
SetListenerAccessControlStatus Enable or disable the access control function for the specified listener.
AddListenerWhiteListItem Configure an access whitelist for a listener.
RemoveListenerWhiteListItem Deletes an IP or IP address range from the access whitelist of the specified listener.
SetLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttribute Modify an HTTP protocol listener.
SetLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerAttribute Modify an HTTPS listener.
SetLoadBalancerTCPListenerAttribute Modify a TCP listener.
SetLoadBalancerUDPListenerAttribute Modify a UDP listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttribute Query the configurations of a specified HTTP listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerAttribute Query the configurations of a specified HTTPS listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerTCPListenerAttribute Query the configurations of a specified TCP listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerUDPListenerAttribute Query the configurations of a specified UDP listener.
DescribeListenerAccessControlAttribute Query the access control of a specified listener.


UploadServerCertificate Upload a server certificate.
DeleteServerCertificate Delete a server certificate.
DescribeServerCertificates Query the server certificates in a specified region.
SetServerCertificateName Configure a name for a server certificate.
UploadCACertificate Upload a CA certificate.
DeleteCACertificate Delete a CA certificate.
DescribeCACertificates Query the CA certificates in a specified region.
SetCACertificateName Configure a name for a CA certificate.

Backend servers

AddBackendServers Add backend servers to an SLB instance.
RemoveBackendServers Remove one or more ECS instances from the backend server pool.
SetBackendServers Modify the weight of the backend servers.
DescribeHealthStatus Query the health status of the backend servers.

Master-slave servers

CreateMasterSlaveServerGroup Create a master-slave server group.
DeleteMasterSlaveServerGroup Delete a specified master-slave server group.
DescribeMasterSlaveServerGroupAttribute Query detailed information of the master-slave server group.
DescribeMasterSlaveServerGroups Query all master-slave server groups under the specified Server Load Balancer instance.

VServer groups

CreateVServerGroup Create a VServer group.
SetVServerGroupAttribute Modify the name of a VServer group or the weight of a backend server.
AddVServerGroupBackendServers Add backend servers to the specified VServer group.
RemoveVServerGroupBackendServers Remove backend servers from the specified VServer group.
ModifyVServerGroupBackendServers Replace backend servers in a VServer group.
DeleteVServerGroup Delete a VServer group.
DescribeVServerGroups Query the list of VServer groups.
DescribeVServerGroupAttribute Query detailed information of a VServer group.

Forwarding rules

CreateRules Add forwarding rules to the specified listener.
DeleteRules Delete forwarding rules.
SetRule Change the target VServer group of a forwarding rule.
DescribeRuleAttribute Query the detailed configurations of the specified forwarding rule.
DescribeRules Query the detailed configurations of forwarding rules associated with the specified listener.


AddTags Add tags to an SLB instance.
DescribeTags Query tags.
RemoveTags Unbind tags from an SLB instance.
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