Term Description
Server Load Balancer Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer is a traffic distribution control service. It distributes incoming application traffic among multiple ECS instances according to the configured scheduling algorithm and listening rules.
Server Load Balancer Instance A Server Load Balancer instance is a running instance of the Server Load Balancer service.  To use Server Load Balancer, you must first create a Server Load Balancer instance.
Server Load Balancer IP address The IP address allocated to the Server Load Balancer service after a Server Load Balancer instance is created. According to the instance type, the IP address is either a public IP or a private IP. You can resolve a domain name to a public IP address to provide external services.
Listeners A listener defines how the incoming requests are distributed. A load balancing instance adds at least one monitor.
Backend Servers The ECS instances that process the distributed requests.
VServer Group A group of ECS instances that process the distributed requests.  Different listeners can use different VServer groups, which allows you to maintain the request distribution in the listener dimension.