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Manage mount points

Last Updated: May 11, 2018

After creating a file system, you can go to the File System Details page to manage its mount points. Available actions include Add/Delete, Enable/Disable, and Change Permission Group.

Add a mount point

  1. Log on to the NAS console.

  2. On the File Systems page, locate the file system to be configured, and click Add Mount Point under it.

    Alternatively, click File System ID or Manage under a file system to go to its File System Details page, and then click Add Mount Point.

  3. Complete the configuration.

    • Select a Mount Point Type: VPC/Classic Network.
    • Select a VPC and VSwitch if you have selected VPC as the mount point type.
    • Select a Permission Group to assign to the mount point.
  4. Click Confirm.


  • Classic network mount point is only available for ECS instance under the same account.
  • When adding a classic network mount point for the first time, you are requested to authorize NAS through RAM to access the query interface of your ECS instance. Follow the instructions to complete the authorization and try creating the mount point again. For more information, see Why RAM authorization is required.
  • The same mount point can be mounted by multiple computing nodes (ECS instance, E-HPC, or Container Service) simultaneously for shared access.
  • Up to 2 mount points are allowed to be added per file system.

Enable/Disable a mount point

On the File System Details page, you can stop any client from accessing a mount point by clicking Disable, or allow the client to access the mount point by clicking Enable.

Delete a mount point

On the File System Details page, you can click Delete to delete a mount point. Note that a file system cannot be recovered after it is deleted. Take care when you perform this operation.

Note: Before deleting a VPC, you must delete all mount points in the VPC.

Change a permission group

You must assign a permission group to each of your mount points. By specifying the source IP whitelist, the permission group can restrict ECS instances from accessing the mount point.

On the File System Details page, you can change the permission group that is assigned with the mount point at any time.

Note: Changing a permission group takes up to 1 minute to take effect.

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