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Last Updated: May 15, 2018

Multiple access

A file system can be mounted to multiple computing nodes simultaneously to enable shared access, significantly reducing costs typically associated with file copying and synchronization.

High reliability

With 99.999999999% data reliability, Alibaba Cloud NAS substantially saves maintenance cost and reduces data security risk in comparison to self-built file storage.

Elastic scaling

Alibaba Cloud NAS supports up to 10 PB capacity per file system, and fees are charged based on your actual usage. This enables you to easily resize your system based on your business needs at any time.

High performance

The throughput performance of an individual file system scales linearly with the storage capacity, substantially reducing costs compared to purchasing a high-end file storage device.

Ease of use

Alibaba Cloud NAS supports the NFSv3, NFSv4, and SMB protocols. You can access the file system through standard POSIX interfaces when using Alibaba Cloud ECS instances or other nodes such as E-HPC or Docker.

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