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Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018
Mount pointA mount point is the access address of the file system in a VPC or classic network.
Each mount point is mapped to a domain name. When using the mount command, you can specify the domain name of the mount point to mount the corresponding NAS file system to a local destination.
Permission groupA permission group acts as a whitelist in NAS. You can add rules to a permission group to specify access permissions for an IP address or an IP segment.
Note: Each mount point must be assigned with a permission group.
Authorized objectAn authorized object is an attribute of a permission group rule. It represents the target to which a permission group rule is applied.
  • In a VPC, an authorized object can be a single IP address or an IP segment.
  • In a classic network, an authorized object can only be a single IP address (generally the intranet IP address of an ECS instance).
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