An endpoint is the address that you specify in a subscription to receive messages. When messages are published to a topic, Message Service (MNS) automatically pushes the messages to endpoints. You can specify the same endpoint for multiple subscriptions.

  • You can use HTTP URIs as endpoints.
  • Syntax: http://$[/uri]. You can specify a multi-level directory in a URI.
  • Note: The directory that you specify in a URI cannot start with mns-reserverd-.
  • MNS sends HTTP requests to specified endpoints. You can process the requests at the endpoints.
  • You can use MNS queues as endpoints.
  • Syntax: acs:mns:{REGION}:{AccountID}:queues/{QueueName}.
  • Note: Messages can only be pushed to the queues that belong to the same region and account as the topics.
  • MNS writes messages to specified queues. You can use the ReceiveMessage API operation to retrieve the messages. For more information about how to specify MNS queues for endpoints, see Push messages to queues.