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Last Updated: Jul 23, 2019


A queue is the container of messages. Queues can be classified into normal queues and delayed queues.

The messages are sent to normal queues and consumed immediately without preset DelaySeconds. while the messages preset with DelaySeconds are sent to delayed queues and will be consumed after the preset delay time.

QueueURL is the URL that identifies a queue. Its format is:http://$AccountId.mns.<Region>$QueueName

  • mns.{Region} indicates the access domain name of MNS. Region indicates the region of the MNS you want to access.

    You can select the region according to the requirement of your application.

  • AccountId indicates the account ID of the queue owner.

    Please replace it with the actual account ID when calling MNS APIs.

  • QueueName indicates the name of a queue.

    Replace it with the actual queue name when calling MNS APIs.The names of the queues belong to the same AccountId cannot be duplicated in the same region.