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HttpEndpoint debug tool

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2017

This tool simulates Message Service to push http/https message(request) to a given http url to help test and debug the HttpEndpoint.

Environment Dependency

This tool requires Python version higher than 2.5 (include) and lower than 3.0(exclusive),can be used both in Windows and Linux.


Download the tool and enter the foler mns_topic_tool not required intallation.

Version 1.0.0

  • UpdateTime:2016-04-20 Dowload Tool
  • Functions:

    • Support notifymsg_withauth command for testing the authentication logic of HttpEndpoint;

    • Support notifymsg_withoutauth command,help to test the message parser for HttpEndpoint.

1. Test the authentication logic of HttpEndpoint

Send http/https request the a given http host.

  • command format:

    1. python notifymsg_withauth --host=http(s)://xxx

    in which http(s)://xxx is the address of HttpEndpoint.

  • Sample:

2. Test the HttpEndpoint parser for push message body

Send http/https request to a given HttpEndpoint address with message body and the format information.

Note: do not do the authentication in HttpEndpoint, for the requst sent by this tool will not add the signature for authentication in this mode.

  • Command format

    1. python notifymsg_withoutauth --host=http(s)://xxx [--uri=xxx] [--body=xxx] [--base64=true/false] [--format=xml/simplfied] [--topicowner=xxx] [--topicname=xxx] [--subscriber=xxx] [--subname=xxx] [--pubtime=xxx]
Parameter Description Default Value
uri request uri /notifications
body content of message TestMessage
base64 indicate if encoding in base64 false
format format of body:xml/simplfied xml
topicowner the TopicOwner in message body TestTopicOwner
topicname the TopicName in message body TestTopicName
subscriber the Subscriber in message body TestSubscriber
subname the Subscription Name in message body TestSubscriptionName
pubtime the publish message time in message body current time
  • Sample: