Subaccount access

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2017

Use a subaccount to log on to the Table Store console to manage instances and tables. A subaccount can also be used to call the SDK interface and access data APIs.

Log on to the console

  1. Log on to the RAM console.

  2. Click Users.

  3. Select your expected subaccount (the example uses ram_test) and click Manage.


  4. On the subaccount details page, click Enable Console Logon and reset the password.

    reset pw

  5. Return to the User Management page and click Dashboard.

  6. Click the RAM User Login Link.


  7. Enter the subaccount name and password set in step 4 to log on to the console.

  8. Click Table Store to access the console.

    Table Store

Enable MFA

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is a simple, effective method that provides additional security protection. When MFA is enabled, not only is a username and password (first security factor) required for Alibaba Cloud console logon, but also a variable verification code (second security factor) provided by the MFA device.

  1. Use the primary account to log on to the RAM console.

  2. Click Users on the left-side navigation pane.

  3. Locate the subaccount and click Manage.

  4. On the User Details page, click Enable VMFA Device and follow the guide to enable the VMFA device.


  5. Enable MFA.


After MFA is enabled, a MFA device verification code is required when logging on to the console.

Call an API

Create an AccessKey for a subaccount and pass in this AccessKey when calling the SDK interface. The subaccount then functions the same as the primary account.

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