Queries the schema and reserved read/write throughput information of the specified table.

Request syntax

message DescribeTableRequest {
    required string table_name = 1;
Parameter Type Required Description
table_name string Yes The name of the table that you want to query.

Response syntax

message DescribeTableResponse {
    required TableMeta table_meta = 1;
    required ReservedThroughputDetails reserved_throughput_details = 2;
    required TableOptions table_options = 3;
    optional StreamDetails stream_details = 5;
    repeated bytes shard_splits = 6;
Parameter Type Description
table_meta TableMeta The schema of the table. The schema is the same as the schema that was defined when the table was created.
reserved_throughput_details ReservedThroughputDetails The reserved read/write throughput information of the table. The information contains the current reserved read/write throughput settings, the last time when these settings were updated, and the number of times that these settings were lowered on the current date.
table_options TableOptions The current value of the table_options parameter.
StreamSpecification StreamSpecification Indicates whether Stream-related attributes are enabled.
shard_splits bytes The split points of all partitions in the table.