Last Updated: Dec 27, 2017


This API updates the reserved read or write throughput settings of the specified table. The new settings take effect within one minute of a successful update.

Request structure:

  1. message UpdateTableRequest {
  2. required string table_name = 1;
  3. optional ReservedThroughput reserved_throughput = 2;
  4. optional TableOptions table_options = 3;
  5. optional StreamSpecification stream_spec = 4;
  6. }


  • Type: String

  • Required parameter: Yes

  • The name of the table for which the reserved read/write throughput settings are to be modified.


  • Type: ReservedThroughput

  • Required parameter: Yes

  • The reserved read/write throughput settings to be modified for the table. These settings take effect in one minute.

  • You may modify either the table’s reserved read or write throughput settings, or both.

  • In capacity_unit, read and write must at least have a non-null value. Otherwise, the request fails and an error is returned.


  • Type: TableOptions

  • Required parameter: Yes

  • Sets TimeToLive and MaxVersions.


  • Type: StreamSpecification

  • Required parameter: No

  • Specifies whether to enable Stream-related attributes.

Response message structure:

  1. message UpdateTableResponse {
  2. required ReservedThroughputDetails reserved_throughput_details = 1;
  3. required TableOptions table_options = 2;
  4. }


  • Type: ReservedThroughputDetails

  • After the update, besides containing the current reserved read/write throughput settings, the table’s reserved read/write throughput settings information also contains the time these settings were last updated and the number of times they have been lowered for the current date.


  • The minimum time interval between adjustments to a table’s reserved read/write throughput is two minutes. If the current UpdateTable operation comes less than two minutes after the last one, it is rejected.
  • Within a single calendar day (from 00:00:00 to 00:00:00 the next day in UTC time), each table’s reserved read/write throughput may be raised and lowered an unlimited number of times.


  • Type: TableOptions

  • The latest value of the table_options parameter after the modification.

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