Billing items and pricing

Last Updated: Dec 29, 2017

Billing items

Billing itemBilling standard
- Data storage
- The reserved read/write throughput
- The additional read/write throughput
- The Internet downstream traffic
For more information about the billing standard, see Table Store pricing details.


Billing methodBilling descriptionExpiration/Overdue payment descriptionRenewal description
Pay-As-You-Go- Billing per hour.
- In post payment mode, the system generates a billing order after creating a table.
The fee is calculated per hour. If your account balance at the time the bill is generated is less than the calculated bill, you are notified through your preferred setup (SMS or email). The severity of overdue account payments increase as follows:
- Within the first 24 hours of your account being overdue, and a notification has been sent, your services are unaffected.
- If, after 24 hours of your account being overdue, and no payment is received, Alibaba Cloud suspends your service and freezes your Table Store. You can receive a notification. Your data remains stored in the system, and remains billable.
- If your account remains overdue for more than 15 days, and no payment is received, Alibaba Cloud ceases to provide any additional services. Any data stored on your Table Store is deleted, emptied, and unrecoverable. You can receive a notification. You are notified through SMS or email one day before the data is emptied.
A Pay-As-You-Go instance is billed according to the actual usage time, so no renewal is required. You can recharge your account on the Alibaba Cloud Console.
Free quotaUntil December 31, 2019, every registered user receives 25 GB of free storage per month.--
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