Region refers to a service region of Alibaba Cloud. Tablestore is deployed across many service regions. You can select the most suitable region according to your requirements.

The following table lists the regions supported by Tablestore.

Region Name RegionID
China (Hangzhou) cn-hangzhou
China (Shanghai) cn-shanghai
China (Qingdao) cn-qingdao
China (Beijing) cn-beijing
China (Zhangjiakou) cn-zhangjiakou
China (Hohhot) cn-huhehaote
China (Shenzhen) cn-shenzhen
China (Chengdu) cn-chengdu
China (Hong Kong) cn-hongkong
Singapore ap-southeast-1
Australia (Sydney) ap-southeast-2
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) ap-southeast-3
Indonesia (Jakarta) ap-southeast-5
Japan (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1
Germany (Frankfurt) eu-central-1
UK (London) eu-west-1
US (Silicon Valley) us-west-1
US (Virginia) us-east-1
India (Mumbai) ap-south-1
UAE (Dubai) me-east-1