Operations of Table Store

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2017

Table Store supports the following three types of operations.

Table operations

  • ListTable: List all tables in the current instance.

  • CreateTable: Create a table.

  • DeleteTable: Delete a table.

  • DescribeTable: Get the attribute information of a table.

  • UpdateTable: Update the configuration of the reserved read/write throughput of a table.

For details, refer to Tables of Table Store.

Data operations

The data operations of Table Store could be classified into the following three types:

  • Single-row operations

    • GetRow: Read the data of a single row.

    • PutRow: Insert a new row. If the row already exists, the existed row will be deleted first and the inserted row will be written as a new row.

    • UpdateRow: Update a row. The operation can add and delete the Attribute columns in the row, or update the value of the Attribute columns that already exists. If such row does not exist, the operation will add a new row.

    • DeleteRow: Delete a row.

  • Batch operations

    • BatchGetRow: Batch operation of multiple GetRow operations, which will read several rows of data from one or more tables.

    • BatchWriteRow: Batch operation of multiple PutRow, UpdateRow and DeleteRow operations, which will insert, update and delete several rows of data from one or more tables.

  • Read range

    • GetRange: Read data within a continuous range of the primary key columns in the table.

Writing operations

The writing operations of Table Store have the following features:

  • Atomicity

    The results of PutRow, UpdateRow and DeleteRow operations guarantee atomicity, as those operations shall either succeed or fail without any intermediate state.

  • Strong consistency

    When a data writing operation receives the success response, all copies of the data in the distributed file system have been already updated. Any reading operation will then fetch the latest data of the written row.

Table Store provides BatchWriteRow operation to batch process the write operations of several single rows. The operation can contain all types of the single operation, including PutRow, UpdateRow and DeleteRow. For more information, refer to Data operations of Table Store.

Notice: BatchWriteRow operation does not guarantee atomicity as a whole, meanwhile each single writing operation in it guarantees atomicity. Therefore, the response of one batch writing operation may contain several success or failure responses for each single writing operation.

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