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Operations of Table Store

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018

The following section details Table Store’s table, data, and writing operations.

Table operations

Operation Description
ListTable List all tables in the current instance.
CreateTable Create a table.
DeleteTable Delete a table.
DescribeTable Obtain the attribute information of a specified table.
UpdateTable Update the reserved read/write throughput of the table.
ComputeSplitPointsBySize Logically split data in a table into several shards whose sizes are close to the specified size, and returns the split points between the shards and prompt about machines where the shards are located.

For more information, see Table Store tables.

Data operations

Data operations of Table Store are classified into the following three types.


Operation Description
GetRow Read the data of a single row.
PutRow Insert a new row. If a row already exists, the existing row is deleted first, and the new row is written in its place.
UpdateRow Update a row. This operation can add and delete the attribute columns in the row, and update the value of the attribute columns that already exist. If no row is available, this operation adds a new row.
DeleteRow Delete the specified row.


Operation Description
BatchGetRow Batch operation of multiple GetRow operations, which reads several rows of data from one or more tables.
BatchWriteRow Batch operation of multiple PutRow, UpdateRow, and DeleteRow operations, which inserts, updates, and deletes several rows of data from one or more tables.

Read range

Operation Description
GetRange Read data within a continuous range of the primary key columns in the table.

Stream operations

Operation Description
ListStream Obtain the information about the stream enabled for all tables on the current instance.
DescribeStream Obtain information about the shards of the current stream.
GetShardIterator Obtain the start iterator for reading the record information of the current shard.
GetStreamRecord Obtain the incremental content of the current shard.

Writing operations

Table Store writing operations support the following ACID features:

  • Atomicity

    The results of PutRow, UpdateRow, and DeleteRow operations guarantee atomicity, as the operations either succeed or fail completely without any intermediate state.

  • Consistency

    When a data writing operation receives a successful response, all copies of the data in the distributed file system have been already updated. Any reading operation then fetches the latest data of the written row.

Furthermore, Table Store provides the operation BatchWriteRow to batch process the write operations of several single rows. The operation can contain all types of the single operation, including PutRow, UpdateRow, and DeleteRow. For more information, see Data operations.

Note: BatchWriteRow operation does not strictly guarantee atomicity as the response of one batch writing operation may aggregate several success or failure responses for each single writing operation. However, the sub-actions of BatchWriteRow are atomic.

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