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Last Updated: Sep 30, 2017

Version Revisions

CDN SDK (2015-07-13)

Newly added content refresh operations class preprocessing interface, and increased the maximum number of cache refresh class interface operations.

  • Newly added PushObjectCache interface where you can take content from the origin site and actively preprocess to the L2 Cache node. Upon the users first access, they can directly cache to relieve pressure on the origin site.
  • The limit on the quantity of content refresh operation requests has been adjusted to twice the original number. Currently the maximum quantity of refresh requests it supports for a single ID every day is as below:URLs:2,000; Directories:100

CDN SDK Developer Kit (2015-06-29)

Newly added domain name operation interfaces, through which domain names can be added, erased, or viewed through the SDK.

  • Newly added AddCdnDomain interface, through which domain names to be accelerated can be added
  • Newly added StartCdnDomain Interface, through which a “deactivated” acceleration domain name can be activated, and the DomainStatus will be changed to online
  • Newly added StopCdnDomain interface, through which an acceleration domain name can be deactivated, and the DomainStatus will be changed to offline
  • Newly added DescribeCdnDomainDetail interface, through which the basic configuration information for a specified acceleration domain name can be obtained
  • Newly added DeleteCdnDomain interface, through which the current acceleration domain name can be erased, one at a time


  • Be careful when operating DeleteCdnDomain interface (we suggest you restore the domain name A record at the DNS provider before deleting the domain name) to ensure the domain name can still be accessed after deletion.
  • After DeleteCdnDomain is called successfully, all the records associated with the acceleration domain name will be deleted. If you only wish to suspend use of the acceleration domain name temporarily, we recommend using the StopCdnDomain interface

CDN SDK (2015-05-26)

  • Newly added DescribeCdnDomainLogs interface, through which you can get the download address for the original access logs on the specified domain name

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