Verifies whether the specified IP address is the IP address of an Alibaba Cloud CDN node.

Request parameters

Parameter Type  Required Description
Action String Yes Operation interface name, which is a required parameter. Value: DescribeIpInfo
IP String Yes. Specified IP address. Batch IP addresses are not supported.

Return parameters

Parameters Type Description
RequestId String Request ID
CdnIp String Whether the specified IP address belongs to an Alibaba Cloud CDN node; optional values: True (Yes) and False (No)
ISP String Carrier
Region String Region

Special error code

Error code Description HTTP Status Codes Meaning
Throttling Request was denied due to request throwing. 503 Request restricted by traffic control
OperationDenied Your account does not open CDN service yet. 403  CDN service not activated
OperationDenied Your CDN service is suspended. 403 CDN service stopped
MissingParameter The specified value of parameter IP is not valid. 400  IP address parameter missing
InvalidIP.ValueNotSupported The specified value of parameter IP is not supported. 400  Incorrect IP address format


Request example
&Public request parameter
Return example
  • JSON format

        "Region": "China-Guizhou province-Guiyang city",
        "RequestId": "123847FA-9A00-4426-83B8-B4B45D475930",
        "ISP": "Telecom",
        "CdnIp": "True"
  • XMLformat

      China-Guizhou province-Guiyang city