Last Updated: May 27, 2016


Obtains the download address for the original access log of the specified domain name. Note:Log content is retained for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes Operator interface name, required parameter, values:DescribeCdnDomainLogs
DomainName String Yes Domain name (only supports single queries)
LogDay String No The log day to be obtained, format: yyyy-MM-dd, set to the current day by default

Return Parameters

Name Type Description
DomainName String Domain Name
Items LogDetail The data composed of LogDetail

Specific Error Codes

ErrorCode Message HTTP Return Code
OperationDenied Your account does not open CDN service yet. 403
InvalidParameter The specified value of parameter <parameter name> is not valid. 400
InvalidDomainName.NotFound Your domain is on our recodes 404


Request example<Common Request Parameter>

Return example

  "DomainLogModel": {
    "DomainName": "",
    "Items": {
      "DomainLogDetail": [
          "EndTime": "2015-05-23T04:00:00Z",
          "LogName": "gc.ggter.com_2015_05_23_1100_1200.gz",
          "LogPath": "\u003d3xmgf7JheOfOTUTf\u0026Expires\u003d1432539994\u0026Signature\u003d7Ly4ccKN3afzAGYyWDbxBcOcn2I%3D",
          "LogSize": 257,
          "StartTime": "2015-05-23T03:00:00Z"
          "EndTime": "2015-05-23T08:00:00Z",
          "LogName": "gc.ggter.com_2015_05_23_1500_1600.gz",
          "LogPath": "\u003d3xmgf7JheOfOTUTf\u0026Expires\u003d1432539994\u0026Signature\u003ddMv7VqPqZHXVbKPmorGIvylC66c%3D",
          "LogSize": 194,
          "StartTime": "2015-05-23T07:00:00Z"
          "EndTime": "2015-05-23T14:00:00Z",
          "LogName": "gc.ggter.com_2015_05_23_2100_2200.gz",
          "LogPath": "\u003d3xmgf7JheOfOTUTf\u0026Expires\u003d1432539994\u0026Signature\u003dFpSQCbgNcxCBYIxKVoKC8mGghUQ%3D",
          "LogSize": 258,
          "StartTime": "2015-05-23T13:00:00Z"
  "RequestId": "1805F349-0A2B-41D9-B4AD-33632AFC27F1"
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