Obtain the reference times ranking of popular pages for a CDN domain name on a specific day.

  • When StartTime is not specified, the interface reads data from the past day by default.
  • The system supports query of only one domain name or all domain names belonging to the current user.
  • Data from the past 90 days can be obtained at most.

Request parameters

Parameters Type Required Example values Description
Action String Yes DescribeDomainTopReferVisit The name of this interface. Value: DescribeDomainTopReferVisit
DomainName String No www.yourdomain.com Only one domain name is supported. If the parameter is left blank, the return results contain the combined data of all CDN domains by default.
SortBy String No pv

Sorting manner.

  • Supports traf and pv.
  • Default value: pv
StartTime String No 2017-12-21T08:00:00:00Z

Start time of data query, and adopts Beijing time.

  • Format: YYYY-MM-DD.
  • If this parameter is unspecified, data from the past 24 hours is read by default.

Return parameters

Parameters Type Example values Description
RequestId String 95994621-8382-464B-8762-C708E73568D1 The ID of the request.
DomainName String test.com CDN domain name.
StartTime String 2015-11-28 Specified date of query.
TopReferList List of all popular referer URLs.
  └ReferDetail String live-hunantv.cdnpe.com Complete referer URL.
  └VisitData String 3 Times of access.
  └VisitProportion Float 0.5 Access proportion.
  └Flow String 200


Unit: byte

  └FlowProportion Float 0.5 Traffic proportion.


Request example

&Public request parameter
Normal return example
  • JSON format

Exception return example
  • JSON format

        "Message":"The request processing has failed due to some unknown error.",