You can modify the path cache policy by this interface.

Request parameters

Parameter  Type Required Description
Action String Yes The name of this interface. Value: ModifyPathCacheExpiredConfig
Domainname String Yes Your CDN domain name.
ConfigID String Yes Configuration ID to be modified
CacheContent String Yes Path
TTL String Yes  Cache time (unit: second).
Weight String No Weight of the configuration. The value range is 1 ~ 99. A larger value indicates a higher priority.  The default value is 1.

Response parameters

Parameters Type Description
RequestID String Request ID of the task


Request example
&Public request parameter
Response example

JSON format

    "RequestId": "04F0F334-1335-436C-A1D7-6C044FE73368"

XML format


Error codes

Error codes specific to this interface are as follows. For more error codes, see API Error Center.

Error code Error message HTTP status code  Meaning
InvalidCacheContent.Malformed The specified value of parameter CacheContent is malformed. 400 The specified CacheContent value is invalid because it is in incorrect format.
InvalidWeight.ValueNotSupported The specified value of parameter Weight is not supported. 400 The specified Weight is invalid because it is out of the valid range.